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2021 Fantasy Baseball Rankings

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What is the Fantasy Baseball Nerd?

Why FBN? Simply put: Collective Intelligence. The Fantasy Baseball Nerd takes the "wisdom of the crowd" to a new level by aggregating the fantasy baseball rankings of the best fantasy baseball sites on the planet, weighting them based upon each site's accuracy, and producing the industry's most accurate consensus rankings.

NerdRank is the technology created to bring the wisdom of the crowd into a manageable environment. It's what makes FBN so unique. Anyone can aggregate fantasy baseball rankings and projections and then average them out. NerdRank is a results-oriented process for normalizing the rankings and projections. Weighting the rankings based upon past accuracy can give you an edge that your competition doesn't have.

The Nerd's innovative draft rankings system provides a consensus ranking for overall draft rankings as well as positional rankings. In theory, having 10+ heads is better than 1. It's useful for seeing what the experts from the major fantasy baseball websites are thinking and projecting. brings that collective intelligence into one location.

The Nerd compares rankings from sites such as,, CBS Sportsline, FOX Sports and more to produce the Internet's best fantasy baseball rankings system.